Homeowners cleaning up after severe hailstorm

August looks a lot like October at Benjamin Torell's home. 

"We've been doing storm cleanup for about six or seven hours now and we are less than halfway done (raking leaves)," said Torell on Saturday. 

On Friday, a late afternoon storm brought winds, heavy rain, and large hail to his Golden Valley doorstep, damaging his home's siding, garden, and his SUV.

"The straight-line winds were just bringing the hail at a 30-to-45-degree angle," said Torell. 

The hail came close to three inches in diameter in some parts of the city and wreaked havoc on commuters along 394. The storm also made for a busy weekend for roofing contractor Stinson Services.

"Within an instant, we're getting phone calls from customers looking at properties today it's just been go, go, go, go," said Stinson Services' Nick Merrick.

From dented gutters to damaged skylights, Merrick saw the storm's path of destruction throughout the area while out doing free damage inspections on Saturday. 

Large storms can attract scammers, so Merrick advises going with local companies that are both licensed and insured. 

"Do they have good reviews? Are they reputable? Are they trying to get you to sign right away?" said Merrick.

If you do have damage from Friday's storm that you'd like to get checked out, time is of the essence. Some local roofing companies are already booked through October or November.