Hmong Town Festival underway this weekend in St. Paul

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A festival that gives visitors a taste of Hmong culture is underway in St. Paul this weekend.

The Hmong Town Festival is in full swing around the Hmong Town Marketplace in Frogtown. The celebration, which will continue on Sunday, featured food, live entertainment, games, and a parade on Saturday.

Despite the hot weather, plenty of people made their way to the festival, including Governor Tim Walz. He talked about how the Hmong community has become a big part of the Twin Cities experience in recent years.

"It's been about 45 years since this group of folks has started settling here," he explained, "and I think it's family, it's art, it's food, it's commerce. This is what Minnesota is about."

With a variety of events happening at the festival, the sole purpose is to bring the community together.