'Hey Teddy' star celebrates 7th birthday with Vikings-themed party

Fresh off his rap debut and meeting with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, St. Paul, Minn. resident Obadiah Gamble made it official and turned seven on Sunday.

Flag football and tickets to a Vikings’ game next season made it a special birthday as Obadiah continued to exude the energy that made his rap video a hit.

Bridgewater himself didn't make it to the party, but the quarterback surprised Obadiah at his home last Wednesday after seeing the seven-year-old's nearly two-minute long video inviting him to come to the celebration. 

"HEY TEDDY" - Vikings QB Bridgewater surprises 6-year-old fan for birthday

Bridgewater hung out with Obadiah for about an hour and a half and gave him a signed poster, baseball cap, football and even invited him to a practice to meet the other Vikings players. 

On Thursday, "Skolbadiah" released a second video "Hey Teddy 2 (feat. Teddy Two Gloves)" thanking Bridgewater for his visit.