Here comes the February heat wave

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The anticipation has been mounting, but now the wait is over.  Temperatures will start their climb to record and/or near record territory through the weekend and extend into early next week.  While this heat wave may just seem like any other warm stretch, after diving through the numbers, I can confirm that it isn’t.  This could easily be the warmest stretch of weather we have ever experienced in February… all the way back to when official climate records began in 1872.

Several different records could fall over the next few days.  At least one daily record high falling seems like a near certainty at this point.  In fact, at least 5 of those could fall.  Not to mention, the current forecast has us within a couple degrees of the all-time warmest February day of 64°.  Several record warm lows could also be broken.  Then you have our overall warm stretch.  Under no circumstances has there been a February that has experienced more than 6 days with temperatures climbing above 50°.  Current forecast has us getting at least 5 of them… with a couple others possibly added to that if current forecast trends continue.

Basically, this will be a nearly May style weekend in February, so enjoy it while it lasts!