Helicopter rescue unit saves injured person in remote Lake County, Minn.

The Minnesota Aviation Rescue Team saved an injured person from a remote Lake County area Sunday.

Two St. Paul Fire Department members were deployed with the MART unit around 2:45 p.m. Sunday to northern Minnesota where they saved a person who had multiple injuries.

MART team helicopter

Two St. Paul firefighters assisted in a MART rescue in northern Minnesota Sunday. (St. Paul Fire Department / FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul)

Lake County Search and Rescue first located the patient and gave them medical attention. Due to the location, the MART team was called in to haul the patient to a landing area where they waited for an ambulance.

The video shows rescuers descending on a rope into the rescue area, picking up the injured man and lifting them to waiting ambulances. 

The person’s injuries were treated at a local hospital.