Heat wave hits Schwan's USA Cup

The Minneapolis metro is nearing the end of a three-day heat advisory.

No one might be more thankful for the break in the temperatures than the thousands of players and fans filling soccer fields in Blaine all week long for one of the biggest international youth soccer competitions, the Schwan’s USA Cup.

Warm ups aren't easy, especially when it's this hot.

Even a team from Mexico City says temperatures in triple digits this week have been a struggle.

“They are trying to get used to it,” said Arturo Amirtz, a coach from Mexico. “This was like Acapulco, Cancun. But we can do it.”

Bill Neiss has been volunteering with the medical field crew for 31 years, along with his certified first responders in training.

“After you are out in it for about 10 minutes, you don't really even notice it really,” said Neiss.

While precautions and education for players and anyone on the fields has improved,  Neiss admits this week has been a challenge as everyone is on the lookout for people getting overheated.

“Some we bring into clinic, some we bring to a separate room that is set up just for heat and some are going right outside for an ice water tub,” said Neiss. “We had 11 ambulance calls to come pick up patients, which is about double we had all of last year.”

Friday had red flag status, meaning each half was shortened by five minutes with mandatory water breaks.

“If we go to black flag, we don't play and [Thursday] we didn't play games in the afternoon,” said Neiss.

Postponing play hasn't happened in five years and Thursday was the first time it was prescheduled 24 hours in advance due to the heat. 

Games will continue and people will continue to try staying cool through Saturday.