Hastings receives $100K donation to repair soccer fields damaged by vandals

A community member donated $100,000 to repair soccer fields in Hastings, Minnesota damaged last month by vandals spinning “doughnuts.” 

On March 24, vandals drove onto the soccer fields at the Veterans Athletic Complex and spun multiple circles on the soft, wet grass. In all, they damaged nearly 200,000 square feet of the complex, their vehicles leaving behind ruts up to 10 inches deep in some areas. 

Police identified two suspects and charged them with criminal property damage in connection with the vandalism. 

On Monday, the Hastings City Council accepted a donation from Caroline Amplatz for $100,000 to fully fund the work needed to repair the fields. 

“The generosity shown by Ms. Amplatz will allow the soccer playing youth of Hastings to return to their home fields this season,” Chris Jenkins, director of the Hastings Parks & Recreation, said in a statement. “This outcome is very fortunate for our city and for the hundreds of players affected by the situation.” 

The Parks & Recreation Department is working with a contractor to begin repairs as soon as possible. They hope to allow players back on the field sometime in May.