Hammond, Wis. student with Down syndrome lines up 4 prom dates

Going to prom is certainly a hallmark of high school, but as many know it can be nerve-wracking to find a date. That wasn't the case for Joey Wakeen, a junior at St. Croix Central in Hammond, Wisconsin.

Wakeen, who has Down Syndrome, spent all winter shoveling driveways near his home near Baldwin, Wis. Before that, he spent last summer working at a garden and a greenhouse -- all in an effort to save up for a prom dinner and limo.

Wakeen asked Haley Boles, then Anna Erickson, then Erin Amundson. When all was said and done he lined up 4 dates. That's enough to give any other guy a heart attack, but Wakeen says he's got the situation under control.

All 4 of his dates are assistants in St. Croix Central's Cognitive Disabilities class, commonly known as Special Ed. And since they're all seniors, all will be saying goodbye to Joey soon.

How will Joey top four dates next year? The speculation in the halls of St. Croix Central is that he's aiming for 5 dates in 2016.