Graze 4 Good fundraiser goes virtual with focus on economic justice

Due to the pandemic, the Graze 4 Good event hosted by the Minneapolis Foundation’s Fourth Generation program will be virtual this year. (Anna Min)

Despite the pandemic, an annual Minneapolis fundraiser that supports local nonprofits will still go on.

"It’s typically our annual event, and we’ve always done it in person," said Theja Chitneni of Fourth Generation.

But 11 months into the pandemic, this year the 10th annual "Graze 4 Good" event will look nothing like it did in 2019. This year it’s going virtual. The program will be hosted by the Minneapolis Foundation’s Fourth Generation program and feature a number of civic and community speakers. The focus of the fundraiser this year is economic justice.

"With economic justice being our topic of the year, we just realized it was a perfect opportunity to really intersect what we were trying to do with this grant-making cycle this year," said Chitneni.

Proceeds from the four-series event will fund grants for local nonprofits that support the cause.

"When you get into the crux of most issues, it’s systemic, and it’s systemic racism, and it’s racial inequality," said Chitneni.

Food and beverages will also be delivered to some guests. Organizers will use the platform to illuminate Black, Indigenous and People of Color-owned restaurants.

"So I think that’s one aspect of economic justice, but also realizing who is most impacted by the inequities that we want to help support and help lift up and highlight," said Chitneni.

The first in a series of events kicks off Saturday morning. For more information, click here.