Governor, lawmakers call for FEMA funds for flooding across Minnesota

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Credit Patrick Flanagan

In letters to the president, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and a group of other lawmakers are calling for a disaster declaration to help counties recover from flooding and other extreme weather this spring.

The governor says a mix of flooding and the extended cold spell resulted in nearly $40 million in damage to infrastructure across 51 counties and four tribal governments.

If approved, FEMA would cover 75 percent of those damages and provide help for the state to reimburse the state for debris removal and repairs among issues.

The letter covers damage between March 12 and April 28. However, extreme weather continues to be a concern for Minnesotans, including tornados earlier this week in the southern part of the state and flooding along the Minnesota River that has led to road closures in recent days.

You can read the full letter from Gov. Walz by clicking here.