Governor Dayton tours flooding damage in Mora, Minn.

Flooding continues to be a challenge in Kanabec and Carlton counties as residents are still battling high waters and rain damage.

When Jim Tatro put a new sump pump in his sister’s basement Friday, he initially thought that would do it.

“So then I called her Saturday morning and she said the water was bad and I come up here and I’ve been up here ever since trying to help her out,” said Tatro.

Now, it’s a home surrounded by Mora Lake protected by sandbags, cut off except by wading.

“We just had to come see it because the pictures don’t really do this justice,” said Jodi Bakke.

Bakke brought her kids for a look and they wound up going for a swim down 2nd Street.

“This is crazy,” said Bakke. “I wanted my kids to come see it and tough it and experience it because hopefully this is something they don’t see again in their lifetime.”

“Multiple, multiple road closures - I know the highway department ran out of signs at least twice if not more,” said Kanabec County Sheriff Brian Smith.

Monday morning, Governor Mark Dayton, who spent last week touring flooding damage in southern Minnesota, stopped in Mora.

"Seeing conditions that were very much like this, so this has really been widespread set of storms,” said Dayton.

Officials were told FEMA funding is almost certain here. The Kanabec County Sheriff says damage to county roads is already estimated at a half million dollars.

“That doesn’t include the townships and the townships have very small budgets here,” said Sheriff Smith.

With pumps helping drain Mora Lake, the water is dropping slowly.

“The fish can go back down the street,” said I’ve seen sunfish and minnows all over,” said Tatro.