Gov. Walz stops by FOX 9 to talk recent bills, plan head

Governor Tim Walz stopped by FOX 9 Sunday morning to talk about his term so far.

During the interview, Walz addressed Senate Republicans' opposition to two gun control bills approved in a DFL-led House committee this week.

"Have the hearing and take a vote...Don't just let it die, and don't use procedural things to not let Minnesota voices be heard," he said.

The governor also reflected on his proposed 20-cent per gallon gas tax hike.

"The gas tax is one that inflames people's passions...but, those dollars go right back into the state's economy," he said.

Walz also responded to criticism of his $1.3 billion borrowing bill, which would fund infrastructure projects.

"It's not binge-spending. You just need to do it, or your house will deteriorate."