Goat missing from St. Paul school found dead: Police

Police discovered the remains of a beloved goat Hazelnut who was reported missing from a school in St. Paul earlier this week. 

The St. Paul Police Department said they received a report from someone at Great River School in St. Paul believed their goat hazelnut had been stolen.

The person told police that surveillance video from June 26 captured people hanging around the pen Hazelnut was kept in, and staff noticed her missing the next day. 

She was described as a 2-year-old Oberhasli that was brown with black points and a green collar. The school staff member said she was "trained and friendly."

The goat isn’t a community pet or mascot, but part of its school curriculum as part of its animal care program along with chickens and a garden that students help care for.

"The goat is a beloved animal of the student body, and they are heartbroken regarding the theft," the reporter told police. 

Police received a call on Friday morning for a suspicious item on the 300 block of Lafond Avenue and found a plastic storage bin containing the remains of a goat. 

"There is a high likelihood that this goat is, unfortunately, the one that was stolen," said police. 

The case remains under investigation, and no arrests have been made.