Girls, Science and Technology provides spark for girls in its 15th year

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A little awe and a lot of inspiration are just two of the things needed to spark curiosity and help make young girls think about a possible future in science.

“It just takes one person to really get someone to find their passion in science,” said Bridget Newman, a scientist with Upsher-Smith.

With just one mentor, girls can see the career field isn’t just for the boys.

“It gives girls confidence to know there are other girls in the science world, working with men,” said Newman. “Not just in a biology field, but also chemistry.”

For 15 years, Girls, Science, and Technology has provided awe, inspiration, and mentors to girls like Abbie Zeien, who has come back every year for eight years.

“I was just ecstatic to be around all of these wonderful people who are just so smart and talented, and knew what they are doing, and knew who they are,” Zeien said.

Now, Zeien knows she is going to go into science, with hopes of being an engineer and a scientist.

Until then, she and women in the field continue to stimulate young minds and continue to help channel young curiosity.

“I think automatically it’s in them,” said Newman. “So, I think they’re just always excited to understand how something works.”

Using awe and inspiration to show young girls that a future in science starts with a simple spark.