George Floyd’s family, Minneapolis working on plans for 1st anniversary of death

George Floyd Square at 38th and Chicago on the morning of April 20, 2021.

The City of Minneapolis is discussing plans with George Floyd's family and community members to observe the first anniversary of his death at 38th and Chicago, according to a city official.

The intersection has been closed to traffic since his death on May 25. The site became known as George Floyd Square and turned into a gathering space for mourning and activism. Community members commemorated his loss with art, including a fist sculpture in the middle of the square. However, in the ensuing months, concerns over crime and emergency response access emerged from residents and business owners.

In February, city leaders announced the area would reopen following the Derek Chauvin trial, which finished a week ago with a guilty verdict.

According to the city, the current plan for the intersection is to keep the fist sculpture roundabout. Plans will develop over the next month.

While the city does not own the streets, it has a legal duty to maintain and keep streets open for public travel.