From rescue to adoption, how the Animal Humane Society preps dogs for their forever home

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A second chance could be coming very soon for the most recent additions to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.

It’s been a big week for puppies Socks and Boots. They came to the Animal Humane Society all the way from Texas as part of a 150 animal transport from an overcrowded shelter. After important steps taken Monday, they are closer to finding their forever home. 

“We want to make sure that we’re adopting out healthy animals,” said Angelica Dimock, an AHS veterinarian. “That’s our main goal.”

Each dog that comes in goes through an examination to make sure they are healthy. If needed, they receive treatment.

“We’re busy,” said Andrea Sanders, a veterinary technician. “Our goal every day is get 20 dogs examined and on to their next step.”

Their stay at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley is short-lived. 

“For little [puppies] like this, it would maybe be two, three days on average,” said Dimock.

For older dogs, adopting takes a little longer. After completing an x-ray, AHS staff learned one dog, Ethel, was pregnant.

“We’ll put her in a foster home, where she can have her puppies in a quiet area, and then the foster people will keep the puppies until they’re weened,” said Dimock.

Then Ethel’s puppies would go through the exam, just like Socks and Boots, make their way to the adoption floor and into their forever home in no time.