Fridley man accused in shooting that injured 11-year-old girl faces federal charges

The Fridley man accused of firing the shot that hit an 11-year-old girl in the face during New Year's celebrations is now facing federal charges.

James Turner, 44, is now charged with possession of ammunition as a felon.

Police say Turner, who isn't allowed to have a weapon due to previous convictions, was drinking and firing off an AR-15 to celebrate the New Year. The victim, Laneria Wilson, heard the shots and looked out her window, thinking they were fireworks.

Instead, officers say one of the bullets Turner fired pierced Wilson's bedroom window, hitting her in the face. She underwent surgery to remove the bullet fragment from her head. 

Compounding the situation, Wilson was just days away from her birthday but spent the days leading up to it in the hospital.

Turner was arrested after officers used Snapchat videos to identify him as a suspect.

Turner was charged in Hennepin County last week with recklessly firing a weapon and possessing a firearm.