Frey calls special meeting on human rights investigation into Minneapolis PD

Mayor Jacob Frey has called a special meeting of the Minneapolis City Council this week to discuss the human rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department that was launched after the death of George Floyd.

The meeting has been set for Thursday at 10 a.m. to allow for a briefing on the litigation status during a closed session.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights launched the investigation in early June 2020, just days after Floyd's killing at the hands of Minneapolis police. Nearly two years later, in late April 2022, the Department of Human Rights announced the findings of the investigation, which concluded the police department and the City of Minneapolis had engaged in a pattern of racist discrimination.

In an update in February, the Minneapolis city attorney said its legal teams had met more than two dozen times with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights including many in-person, day-long negotiation sessions, adding they've made progress on an agreement to resolve the issue.

Any agreement with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights would need to be approved by the mayor and council.

At the same time, the city is also working with federal authorities on a separate investigation by the Department of Justice. That investigation will also result in a second, separate agreement.