Fresh Eye Gallery highlights work of artists with disabilities in Minneapolis

The metro area is home to a thriving art scene. And now there's a new community art space in south Minneapolis. Fresh Eye Gallery is showcasing the work of artists of all backgrounds and abilities.

Near the corner of 42nd Street and Nicollet Avenue in south Minneapolis, a new addition to the city's art scene. Fresh Eye Gallery is a community art space-- showcasing the work of artists with disabilities.

"One phrase we say is art is the great equalizer and there are no rules around that," says Lauren Hughes, the director of arts development.

The gallery is an extension of a fine arts program offered by MSS, a nonprofit day services provider.

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Rainbow-ish is an exhibition exploring joy and exuberance at the Fresh Eye Gallery. (Fresh Eye Gallery )

"We’ve had an arts program at MSS since 1999. Over that time, the arts have really been the most natural avenue to community engagement for the people that we serve," says Hughes.

The latest exhibit is titled "Rainbow-ish." It's an exploration of joy and exuberance. From paintings to textiles, the pieces highlight a wide range of artistic talent. And for some, their work is a means of employment.

"The artists that we support are mostly self-taught. A lot of it is intuitive, you can really see their creative voice in what they create," says Hughes. 

The Rainbow-ish exhibit will be open until March 5. (FOX 9)

"I feel like I was born an artist," says Danielle Day. The 23-year-old is the artist behind several paintings in the exhibit.

"I want to bring art into this world," says Day. 

She says that she hopes when people visit, they feel inspired.

"That’s part of why we want to do this. Is giving self-taught, emerging artists a chance to show their work," says Hughes.

Danielle Day, a 23-year-old artist behind several painting in the exhibit  (FOX 9)

Fresh Eye Gallery also showcases the artwork of emerging and mid-career artists of all backgrounds. The latest exhibit will be on display until March 5. The artwork is for sale, and the gallery is free to visit. For more info, visit

Fresh Eye Gallery is located near the corner of 42nd Street and Nicollet Avenue in south Minneapolis.