Flood wall reinstalled in Henderson due to rising waters

More spring flooding forced city officials to put up the flood walls once again in Henderson, Minnesota.

The Rush River is spilling over Highway 93 south of Henderson, and the Minnesota River continues to rise. The higher water levels come a week after a spring snowstorm.

The city reinstalled the flood wall Thursday evening after it first went up on March 25 and, at one point, was holding back as much as four feet of water from entering the city.

"There's a farm field here normally and, right now, it's completely under water," said Mayor Paul Menne Thursday.

The first flood wall was removed more than a week ago, but last week's snowfall exacerbated the flooding on the Minnesota River. 

"Once the flood gate goes up, the town will be protected," he said as he worked with crews to reinstall it. 

Throughout the spring, floodwaters have compromised roads in the area, leading to road closures. The city, however, has taken the many detours in stride. Earlier this month, Henderson held a Flood Fest block party to make the best of their soggy spring.

Despite the goodwill from the party, the flooding is taking a toll on the town. 

"This is very frustrating and it's not only frustrating from a commuter standpoint, but from an economic standpoint," said Menne. "This puts kids on buses for over an hour extra at some times."