Fleeing vehicle near University of Minnesota causes crashes, injures 3

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Three people are injured after a driver left a damaging path on a street near the University of Minnesota Thursday afternoon, according to university officials.

Around 3:30 p.m. Friday, camera monitors from the university's Public Safety Emergency Communications found two suspects stealing cars in a university parking lot. By the time officers arrived, the suspects left in a vehicle.

The suspects went down 5th Avenue, causing car crashes at 15th Avenue and 12th Avenue. No one was injured in those crashes. Police followed, but the suspects' car remained out of sight.

At 10th Avenue, the suspects' vehicle hit a vehicle and a pedestrian. Two people in the vehicle, one of whom is a U of M student, were injured. The pedestrian is a university staff member. All three suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The suspects fled the scene, but officers tracked down one suspect a few blocks away.

One of the two suspects is still not in custody.