Firefighters rescue dog swept over falls in Redwood Falls

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Video Courtesy: Matt Anderson

A dog has reunited with its owner after being swept over a waterfall in Redwood Falls and getting trapped on a rocky ledge, according to the City of Redwood Falls.

Officials say Saturday around 3:12 p.m., police responded to a report of a dog trapped in the water below the falls at Ramsey Park.

Officers learned the dog got swept into the rushing water and went over the falls. At the bottom, the dog was able to pull itself into a crevice along the rocks just inches away from the flowing water. Due to recent heavy rains, the current of the falls is much stronger normal.

Firefighters from the Redwood Falls Fire Department used their high angle rescue equipment to rappel down the rocks and bring the dog to safety. 

Matt Anderson, who captured the rescue on video, says the dog, while shaken, appeared to be okay after rejoining its owner.