Files: Chanhassen teen charged at deputies with BB gun, hatchet before deputies opened fire

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New case files released Friday detail the tense moments before deputies opened fire last year, killing a distraught teenager in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Last year on July 13, Carver County deputies responded to a 911 call from a mother reporting her son was suicidal. At the scene, deputies learned the mother was in the garage and the teen, 16-year-old Archer Amorosi, had disabled the doors.

“I looked up and could see through the bay window I could see a person standing in the window with a gun pointed at me,” said Deputy Travis Larson.

Larson said Amorosi was yelling, telling deputies he was going to kill them. According to Larson’s interview, he broke the window, used pepper spray and a Taser in a failed attempt to subdue Amorosi.

“After Travis did the Taser, the suspect went out of the house,” continued Corporal Jacob Hodge.

Corporal Hodge with the Carver County Sheriff's Office was among the deputies attempting to de-escalate the situation.

“He wasn’t following any commands,” explained Hodge. “It just seemed like he was in a rage, and mad.”

Hodge then emotionally describes to investigators what happened next. “[He] pulled his hair like this. Gave out a war scream [imitates scream] -- yelled at me. He was coming straight at me with the hatchet and his gun."

Hodge fired his gun, as did Deputy Travis Larson, hitting Amorosi. Among the interviews included in Friday's release is Amorosi's older sister Ashley.

“It doesn’t feel fair that you shot my 16-year-old brother,” she said. “He’s 16. He’s 16! He’s a child.”

A hatchet and handgun-styled BB gun were found at the scene. Amorosi went down roughly 10 feet from Deputy Hodge. After the shooting, the Carver County Attorney's Office determined the use of deadly force was justified.