February 2019 now one of the snowiest this century

It’s no secret that the last couple of weeks have been pretty wild. Day after day of snow, shoveling, and treacherous commutes. But, at least all of this madness is starting to get some recognition in the history books.

This February is now one of the snowiest February’s on record and is actually the second snowiest start to the month, behind 1911. But, what really may put this month into perspective is it’s now the fifth snowiest month this century. Since 2000, we have only seen four other months that have been snowier. And what makes this even more impressive, is that it has all happened in just two weeks. That’s also what made last April so impressive, not only did we receive over 2 feet of snow in April, but that it happened in under two weeks.

This month has been no different. Now, it’s still semi-low on the list of all time snowiest months dating back to the 1870s, but it’s currently in a respectable 34th place. But with two weeks to go, it’s quite likely we’ll be climbing the charts, especially since we have a shot at some light snow Thursday and then again on Sunday.