Farmington school board meeting focuses on LGBTQ sign removal

Community members ran out of seats at Farmington’s Monday night school board meeting.

Many were there to voice their concerns over the removal of a LGBTQ friendly sign at Farmington High School.

"We need signs in safe spaces," one community member said.

"We are scared," another person added. "We are terrified that our community is slowly going to change into a place where we can barely exist without being hated."

The sign was recently removed, and some in the community have complained it was inappropriate for a school setting.

But now more are complaining about its removal, saying the sign showed that the school was a safe space for people to be themselves.

"When I hear board members say pride flags don’t belong in math class; it makes my heart hurt for those who feel a sense of safety seeing those signs in their math class," a community member said.

"The parents should be focused more on education and helping the students graduate and succeed, rather than them going to school and wondering who they are and how they fit in," a community member said. "I’m just wondering what are we doing to focus more on education instead of everything else?"

School board members say the removal of the sign was an administrative decision made without their input.