Fans soak in what might be Joe Mauer's last day in a Twins uniform

Will he or won't he? Joe Mauer isn't saying either way.

For those that watched Sunday’s Twins game, it was clear he didn't need to say whether or not he is retiring, because the game looked like nothing short of a farewell.

While Joe Mauer wouldn't confirm his retirement, his tears said it all.

“I don't know what he or the Twins could do to top this in two three, four years down the road,” said Tricia Deboer, of Eden Prairie.

Even the fans openly wept as Minnesota paid tribute to their hometown boy.

“Everyone is standing up and cheering,” Deboer said. “You could feel the excitement and energy in the stadium so it’s pretty cool."

“I’m not going to lie, I got a little emotional, a little teary eye,” said Nathan Denn, of Mankato. “Just to be here for his last hit, maybe, it’s amazing.”

The St. Paul native never wore another major league jersey and in return, the fans showed him the same loyalty.

“They don’t care what he does, they just love Joe because Joe is Joe," Denn said. “It’s just been awesome to see a Minnesota kid do what he’s been able to do.”

In a perfect world, fans here today hope Mauer's time with the Twins isn't over, even if it's in a new capacity.

“What I’d like to see honestly is Joe Mauer and his brother buy the team and get the Twins where they need to be,” said Will Heiser, of Coon Rapids. “I’d love to see it ‘cause I think he’d do what’s right by the team. He loves the game. He loves the players, he loves the fans.”