Family of hit-and-run victim in Brooklyn Park hoping driver comes forward

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A Brooklyn Park man hit by a car is clinging to life and with no driver coming forward, his family is desperate for answers.

“He is such a good boy. They call him a man, but to me - he is a boy. He is my little brother,” said Candie Nayes, the man’s sister.

Candie is absolutely devastated over what happened to her brother, Seth Bennett.

The 23-year old suffered a potentially deadly brain injury when he was struck trying to cross County Road 81 earlier this week.

“The doctors told us yesterday that he will likely be in a persistent vegetative state and so we have to make a decision whether we want him to continue to live like that or let him go,” said Candie.

“That’s my baby and I love him so much,” said Jeri Bennett, Seth’s mother.

Seth and his family had voted earlier Tuesday evening and returned home to have dinner and watch the night’s election coverage.

At some point, Seth, who walked everywhere, headed out. He was less than a mile from home when police report he tried crossing the intersection of County Road 81 and 71st Avenue North around 11 p.m.

His family told Fox 9 Seth was in the crosswalk when the driver of a dark-colored sedan heading south hit him. The vehicle continued on. Candie was told a witness rushed to her brother’s aide.

“It does sicken me that somebody would hit him and leave him on the side of the road like a piece of trash,” said Candie.

Brooklyn Park police say the traffic camera at the intersection wasn't working due to construction, though a witness told investigators the driver ran through a stoplight before hitting Seth.

Police have asked for help in finding the driver, pointing out the vehicle would likely have front end damage.

That intersection is busy during the day and seems confusing for pedestrians with a painted crosswalk, but also has signs that discourage crossing.

Now, Seth’s family is praying for a miracle.