Family calls for review of case for man sentenced to life in 2006 Minneapolis murder

A Minnesota family is on a crusade to free their loved one from a life sentence in the Minnesota prison system.

Deaunteze Bobo was convicted on aiding and abetting first-degree murder charges 15 years ago, but they insist he didn’t do it.

Family, loved ones, and community advocates are fighting to bring attention to Bobo's case. He is currently serving a life sentence for the 2006 deadly drive-by shooting of James Roberts right outside what used to be Stand Up Frank’s bar in north Minneapolis.

A Hennepin County jury found him guilty of aiding and abetting first-degree murder as the driver that June night 16 years ago. But this group insists Bobo had nothing to do with the shooting.

"As a human being, how can you feel okay with watching somebody spend the rest of their natural life in prison for a crime that they didn't commit? You know, that breaks my heart," said community activist Myon Burrell.

Speaking on the family’s behalf at the courthouse Wednesday was Myon Burrell. Burrell himself was released from prison when his life sentence for a deadly shooting was commuted almost two years ago now.

As for Bobo’s supporters, their hopes were lifted recently with word that the state attorney general’s new conviction review unit is at least taking a look at the case for potential future action.

Court files indicate the now 35-year-old has appealed to the district court five times for post-conviction relief, arguing ineffective counsel, lying witnesses and discovery of new evidence. All five times, he was rejected.

"Deaunteze Bobo did not deserve to have his life taken away from him," said Bobo's girlfriend Nakisha Armstrong. "He has two young children. He has two young boys that he deserves to be with."

The attorney general’s office told FOX 9 on Wednesday that some 200 cases are currently in a review phase, so there's still a long way to go on that front. Bobo’s family promised their fight will continue.