Families demand answers after 2 shot during Minneapolis street racing events

Nicholas Enger

Amanda Bolz is grieving and angry that three weeks after her son was shot and killed in Minneapolis, no arrests have been made.

"It’s huge, and it’s not just about vengeance and getting back. I need to know… I need that piece of it to be done with it. The not knowing, the waiting is torture," she said.

Her son, 17-year-old Nicholas Enger of Cambridge, was shot in the chest near East Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue on June 5 as he was watching a group street racing. 

At one point, a confrontation at the scene escalated into gunfire. Officials said Enger was not the intended target.

"People were running and scattering, hitting the ground to take cover, and Nicholas didn’t have a chance."

Tragically, Nicholas was not the only young victim killed at a Minneapolis street racing, also known as "hotrodding", event that night. Vanessa Jenson, 19, was also at the wrong place at the wrong time about 20 minutes later. No arrests have been made in that case, either.

Bolz reports their two heartbroken families bonded recently over their shared anguish and quest for justice.

"We are infuriated," she said. "We need to know."

For GoFundMe information for Enger's family, click here.