'Enough is enough': North High students, community gather in response to shooting

One day after someone fired gunshots into Minneapolis North High School, students, staff and city leaders gathered in prayer.

Wednesday, during an afternoon of classes at least one bullet pierced through a main entrance window.

North High basketball coach Larry McKenzie told FOX 9 he planned the gathering in response to the negative comments that he saw posted to social media. He says despite what some people may read and see, there are a lot of positive things happening at the school.

“Let people know, enough is enough,” said Coach McKenzie. “We need all hands on deck.” 

No one was harmed in the most recent shooting, but the gunfire is the source of a lot of pain.    

“We want people to recognize that it’s not the school that we have a community in crisis that this is happening day in and day out,” said Coach McKenzie.

“We came up here to let you know that the city has your back,” said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

With an ongoing cycle of gun violence, Mayor Frey and Councilman Jeremiah Ellison both faced calls for change.

“This is about our City of Minneapolis and making changes, so that we can stand together,” said Sharon El-Amin, a member of the North High School Site-council.

“Every single person, in every single neighborhood in our entire city deserves to feel safe,” said Mayor Frey. “They deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods. They deserve to feel safe in their schools and by rallying together and doing exactly what we’re doing right now. We can start to make that happen.”