Eaglet from Minnesota DNR's EagleCam found dead after flying into power line

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources posted a sad update Saturday after one of the eaglets that hatched on the EagleCam was found dead.

According to the DNR, E1, as the eaglet has been identified, was found dead after she flew into a power line. Officials said that one of the photographers who monitors the nest reported a chick was found dead. Staff then contacted Xcel Energy who helped retrieve the eaglet.

Staff determined that the chick hit the line and likely died on impact. They believe it happened sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Friday.

The eaglet hatched back in March along with another chick. The hatchings were caught on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources EagleCam. It was the first time the EagleCam nest has had eaglets in three years. The pair took over the territory from the EagleCam nest’s longtime female resident and her mate last year, but they did not produce any eggs. 

"Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for eagles to perish by hitting power lines, but it is always sad to witness and report.," staff wrote. "The first year of an eagle's life, particularly after fledging, is the most dangerous.  The mortality rate of eagle chicks during the first year of life is greater than 50%. Survival after the first year is much higher."

Officials said they hope the second eaglet that hatched, E2, will continue to thrive and survive until adulthood.

"There is no way to protect birds from all of the environmental hazards, but escaping them will result in a stronger individual. E2 has, and will continue to visit the nest and we will keep the camera on until at least the end of August," they wrote.