Chile's Humboldt penguin could be facing extinction, experts warn

The Humboldt penguin population along the central coast of Chile has drastically declined, with scientists finding only one breeding pair this year compared to 842 last year, putting the species at risk of extinction according to experts.

How AI can help (and hurt) climate change

Artificial intelligence significantly impacts the climate crisis by consuming large amounts of energy and water for its data centers, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions, while also offering tools for climate management, such as improving climate models, optimizing energy use, and enhancing renewable energy efficiency.

Heatwave in Mexico causes howler monkeys to drop dead from trees

Mexico is facing one of its harshest droughts, with temperatures hitting 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) on Monday, causing severe water shortages and leading to the deaths of at least 83 howler monkeys in Tabasco due to extreme heat and dehydration.

Mosquito control efforts underway in MN

Mosquito season is upon us, and the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District is preparing for a busy spring of keeping mosquitos under control. FOX 9's Babs Santos has the latest.

New report ranks the most polluted places in the U.S.

The American Lung Association says 131.2 million people – that’s 39% of Americans – live in communities with failing grades for levels of pollution. Here's a map of the best and worst.

How to conduct Earth Day 'trash audit'

Earth Day has many reexamining the amount of waste generated in their households. While a zero-waste lifestyle sounds challenging for some, experts from The Tare Market in Minneapolis suggest starting with a trash audit. Amber Haukedahl, owner and founder of The Tare Market, joined the Fox 9 Morning News on Earth Day Eve to share some easy changes that can make a big difference.