Eagles arrive in Minneapolis ahead of Super Bowl LII

The Philadelphia Eagles have touched down in Minneapolis prior to Super Bowl LII, with just one week to go until kickoff at the big game.

The team was treated to a hero's welcome deep behind enemy lines Sunday afternoon, just one week after blowing out the Vikings--in whose stadium this year's Super Bowl is set to be played.

Minnesota fans still haven't quite gotten over that 38-7 loss, and the way hometown fans were treated while in Philadelphia for the game. Despite the fresh wounds, Vikings faithful still say they plan to roll out the red carpet for the visiting NFC Champions and their fans as they arrive in town over the next few days--even if it may have taken a couple days to regain their "Minnesota Nice" attitude.

"At the beginning of the week [Minnesota fans] weren't so warm," said Michael Gantt, a Philadelphia native and Eagles fan now living in Minneapolis. "But as of right now, it's been getting a little bit better every day."

Gantt gathered outside with a throng of fellow Eagles' fans Sunday afternoon to welcome the squad into town, saying it was important to give the team a warm welcome before they began final preparations for the biggest game of their lives. 

"The Super Bowl only happens once a year and my team only goes once every 13 years, so to be here when it happens, that's big [for me]," Gantt said.