Eagle Brook ‘mega church’ faces denial in Plymouth

Citing concerns over traffic issues and potential future affordable housing developments on the land, the Plymouth City Council has signaled it will not support a proposed "mega church" project from Eagle Brook Church.

By a 6-1 vote on Tuesday, the council approved a resolution to come up with "findings of fact" to support its decision to deny the church's request to purchase the land that would ultimately build a 64,000-square-foot building with 685 parking spots. An official rejection decision could come as soon as the board’s January meeting.

FOX 9 previously detailed the proposal made by Eagle Brook Church, which has made a temporary home in Wayzata High School for the last half-decade, growing to an average of 1,100 patrons each Sunday.

The church had signaled its intent to purchase farmland on Chankahda Trail, just north of Meadow Ridge Elementary School, and two miles from its current location. In November, Plymouth's Planning Commission unanimously recommended the council approve the project.

However, a petition created by residents gathered more than 3,500 signatures from people who opposed the project.

According to the council, a developer had previously proposed to build as many as 200 single-family homes on the roughly 56-acre site, before withdrawing its plans.

Eagle Brook Church previously proposed a new location in Minnetonka, before withdrawing the proposal after facing similar backlash.