Eagle Brook withdraws Minnetonka megachurch proposal

Eagle Brook church has withdrawn its proposal for a megachurch that faced resistance from a Minnetonka neighborhood

"As Eagle Brook Church has continued to investigate the property at 15407-15409 Wayzata Boulevard, in the city of Minnetonka, a variety of known and unknown variables have surfaced," Eagle Brook expansion director Steph Hauber wrote in a statement. "Although we would have loved to become a part of the community, we have made the difficult decision to not pursue to development at this time."

The zoning on the Wayzata Boulevard property allows for places of worship, but neighbors feared the church would draw hundreds of people to their quiet side of town. Planning documents called for a 60,000 square foot building, with a 1,200 seat auditorium and two-story parking ramp.

"[A realtor] said you can assume that your house will drop at least 20 percent in value," neighbor Ginni Greffin explained. "Because no one will want to live next to this big conglomerate of a big business church."

Neighbors hoped to convince the church to either downsize its plans or look elsewhere for a more accommodating industrial area.