Driver, company responsible for crash involving loose boulder in Rosemount arrested

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Police have arrested the person responsible for a fatal crash involving a loose boulder in Rosemount, Minnesota Monday afternoon.

A 2002 Toyota Avalon was traveling northbound on Rich Valley Road around 4:50 p.m. when a boulder dislodged from a commercial vehicle, striking the car. Rosemount police announced the vehicle was owned by Czeck Services.

"It could have been prevented," said Rosemount Police Chief Mitchell Scott. "If you tried to re-create this a million times, I don't think you're going ot get the same result." 

Both occupants of the Toyota, Karen Christiansen, 67 and Jena Christiansen, 32, both of Shoreview, suffered “significant trauma” in the incident and were pronounced dead at the scene. 

"I don't think they had any time to react to it whatsoever," Scott added. "It happened in an instant."

The driver of the vehicle and the owner of Czeck Services was Joe Czeck, 33, of Hastings. Rosemount police found Czeck in Inver Grove Heights.

An image released from a nearby oil refinery's surveillance camera systems shows his truck in the area during the time of the incident.

Czeck is being held in Dakota County Jail and charges related to the incident are pending. 

In a statement to Fox 9, Jena Christiansen's boyfriend, Ryan Kilian, called Christiansen "the most amazing person I have ever met," adding, "she was so smart and beautiful." 

Jena Christiansen was the general manager of several Red Lobster Restaurants and was adored by her employees.