‘Drag performance and culture’ resolution adopted by Minneapolis City Council

The Minneapolis City Council adopted a resolution "Honoring drag performance and Drag culture as a form of free speech" on Wednesday in a nod to its outgoing interim director.

The resolution was drafted and passed unanimously by the entire council, and in part states, "Drag performance is an art form built on self-expression and artistic performance. It can be a profession, an entertainment offering, a beacon of creativity, a symbol of community pride and queer excellence… More recently, it has been used as a form of political protest in response to instances of discrimination, homophobia and the targeting of the LGBTQ+ community through policing, community harassment, and brutality."

The resolution was presented to outgoing interim director of community planning and economic development Andrea Brennan, "In recognition of her transformational leadership and significant contributions to the city of Minneapolis for dedicated service to all people."

As part of her duties in the position, "We met weekly about how to distribute very limited resources to the most vulnerable people in our community," said Minneapolis City Council President Andrea Jenkins. "We are rebuilding Lake Street and all the communities around our city."

"It has been the honor of my life to serve the City of Minneapolis," Brennan said.

Brennan intends to vacate her interim position with the City of Minneapolis.