Minneapolis rideshare ordinance recalled by council after Legislature passes proposal

The Minneapolis City Council has recalled its "transportation rideshare worker protection ordinance" – guaranteeing minimum wages for drivers of companies such as Uber and Lyft – less than a week after the Minnesota Legislature passed its statewide proposal over the weekend.The vote on Thursday came after Uber and Lyft threatened to leave Minnesota over the city's ordinance that would have required a steeper minimum wage for drivers.The proposal approved by Minnesota lawmakers would have overridden the Minneapolis council’s proposal, and as a result, Uber and Lyft say they will continue to operate in Minnesota.

Uber and Lyft say they will stay in Minnesota

After weeks of threats and negotiations, ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft say they will continue service in Minnesota after state lawmakers reached a deal on a minimum wage for drivers.

'Wridz' rideshare app hits streets of Minneapolis

A new subscription-based rideshare app hopes to replace Uber and Lyft in Minneapolis if the companies follow through on their ultimatum to leave if the Minneapolis City Council passes its minimum wage ordinance.

Mpls Uber/Lyft ordinance delayed to July 1

The Minneapolis City Council voted to delay an ordinance that would see rideshare drivers making the city's minimum wage, a move that Uber and Lyft say would cause them to leave the city.

Minnesota lawmakers debate Uber, Lyft fix

The wheels are spinning fast for legislators trying to fend off an Uber and Lyft exit from Minneapolis and possibly other parts of the state. The May 1 deadline is now less than four weeks away, but a new state law that could help is full speed ahead.