Dog miraculously rescued after surviving 60-Foot cliff fall

A dog was rescued after falling 60 feet from a cliff. (Credit: Erik Olsen/National Park Service)

A dog was rescued after surviving a 60-foot fall from a cliff, park rangers said. 

The National Park Service said on January 10, the 3-year-old dog, named Dancer, got off her leash and fell. 

It happened near Miners Castle in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore area.

The owners spent hours searching the area and had believed she had not survived the fall after being unable to locate her in the dark. 

Park rangers were then notified and a professional rope rescue team helped to recover the dog from the treacherous section of Lake Superior shoreline. 

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The next morning, they located Dancer, who was cold but alive. 

"Though she had spent the night trying to keep warm, she was excited to see rescuers," the NPS said in a media release. "Dancer, who has been described as a 'professional troublemaker,' has been reunited with her Minnesota-based family and is recovering well."

"With this year’s mild start to winter, many areas of Pictured Rocks are more accessible than they are most years" Chief Ranger Joe Hughes said. "It is still important to remember to be prepared for slippery, cold conditions that can change quickly." 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.