Doctors seeing uptick in allergic asthma cases in Twin Cities metro

High pollen counts, humidity and air quality issues may have your allergies flaring up right now, but doctors say other symptoms such as coughing may also be tied to a combination of allergies and asthma.

“You can have allergic asthma when inhaling pollens or dust or dander that can trigger your lungs to react,” said Dr. John Sweet, the director of allergy and immunology at Hennepin Healthcare.

Doctor Sweet says he’s seeing an uptick in cases with all the pollen in the air and the humidity.

“If you start having asthma or inflammation in the lungs, the airway can fill up with mucus and get swollen and make it difficult to breathe,” said Dr. Sweet.

He says you should get a breathing test because asthma can develop later in life. 

“If you have a lot of itch and sneeze and cough and wheeze, that can be asthma,” he said.

Eight-year-old Louis Goldbaum already knows a lot about what it’s like to live with allergies and asthma.

“I was coughing a lot and we play tag, and it was really easy to get me because I had to stop and cough,” said Louis.

“It’s really sad as a mom, you want them to run around like other kids do,” said Annie Goldbaum, Louis’ mom.

Experts say allergy shots can help reduce symptoms. Goldbaum and her son say they are noticing the difference.

“I don’t get sinus infections anymore,” said Goldbaum. “I don’t have to use a controller inhaler for my asthma.”

“After I get the shot, it’s like I didn’t feel a thing,” said Louis.

Experts say treatment can also include certain medications.