Disruptive student maced at Como Park High School

A 15-year-old student at Como Park High School in St. Paul was maced by a school resource officer Wednesday morning after causing a disruption and making an aggressive move toward the principal.

St. Paul police said the student was being disruptive in class and was dismissed for the day. The principal gave the student a coin to take the bus home and was asked to leave school grounds.

The student mouthed off to the principal and eventually pushed his way back into the school to confront the principal. At that point, a school resource officer intervened and deployed mace.

The student was brought to the juvenile detention center and cited for disorderly conduct.

Not the first time

St. Paul police said the school resource officer involved in Wednesday's incident also deployed mace against students this October. In that incident, a lunchroom fight spilled into the hallway and six people were arrested. The assistant principal and a security guard were injured. A student captured cell phone video of the altercation, but in a statement, St. Paul Public Schools called the two incidents "completely separate."

"We trust that the police train our school resource officers to respond appropriately to all situations."