Decision in Jamar Clark case, prosecutor will show video

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Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman

Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman will hold a news conference at 10:30 a.m. to announce a decision in the Jamar Clark case at the Hennepin County Government Center. A news release said Freeman will "talk in detail about the events of that evening, talk about the evidence and show video." WATCH LIVE -

TIMELINE - The Jamar Clark case

Clark was shot by Minneapolis police at 12:45 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 15 outside of an apartment on the 1600 block of Plymouth Avenue N. and died Monday, Nov. 16 after he was removed from life support. Witnesses have said Clark was in handcuffs and unarmed at the time of the shooting, but the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis said he was not handcuffed and was reaching for an officer’s gun.

Freeman announced in mid-March the case would not be sent to a grand jury, saying the decision on whether or not to charge the officers is his job. The use of a grand jury has been highly criticized around the United States, notably after two grand juries did not return indictments for officers involved in the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.

"I will make the factual determination whether there is sufficient evidence to support a criminal charge against the police officers in the tragic death of Jamar Clark," Freeman said. "I will make that determination with the excellent assistance of senior attorneys in our office and the fine work of law enforcement, most notably, the BCA and FBI. This is my job and I will do it as fairly as I can."

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