Deceased veteran with no remaining family gets hero's sendoff at Fort Snelling

At Fort Snelling this morning, a funeral procession started with a single car--but by the time it left the assembly area, there were more than 30 vehicles.

Peter Falk died on Friday, but no one could find any family members related to the 67-year-old Vietnam veteran from St. Cloud. Community members, spurred by social media posts and word-of-mouth, however, filled the gap.

"I saw a friend of mine posted it on Facebook that this was going to take place today and I just felt a tugging at my heart to come out here and pay my respects," Teresa Kastner of Hamel, Minn., said. 

More than 100 people showed up, including many veterans who work at the cemetary. 

"They're not alone," Sam Root of Eagan said. "They do have brothers and sisters That's why there's 100-plus of us here today."