Dealing with the prospects of a Thanksgiving without family

As the clock ticks closer to Thanksgiving, for some the holiday this year feels more like a burden than a blessing.

But, as with many things this year, you are not alone. No matter how you slice it, or who you are, Thanksgiving will be different this year.

"We’re just trying to do anything to make the holidays a little bit enjoyable and more normal," said Travis Peterson with Bourbon Butcher.

At Bourbon Butcher in Farmington, they’re focused on what they know best, cooking up meat which will include turkeys and hams this Thanksgiving.

"With everyone not knowing what their plans are for the upcoming holiday," said Peterson. "We're trying to do our part to simplify things, we’re offering a Thanksgiving feast for three-to-four people or four-to-eight."

It's the first year they've done this, as they work to keep their business going and fulfill customers’ cravings for something smaller this holiday.

Those empty seats around the Thanksgiving table, though, are going to be tough.

"It's sad and part of it is just acknowledging that sadness and grief, rather than trying to push it down and push it down," said Dr. Cheryl Bemel.

Psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel tells us this is the most stressed she's seen people.

"I have talked to some people who have come to grips and made a decision other people are still kind of up in the air and I think leaving it up in the air is what leads to this feeling of being unsettled," said Dr. Bemel.

Other mental health professionals say they know there are difficult family conversations ahead.

"Setting boundaries with family that maybe don't have the same ideas about how the holidays should be this year can be the hardest part," Megan Voss with Center for Spirituality and Healing.

So they’re recommending taking some time to pause and be grateful in whatever ways we can.

"It's a great time to take a moment no matter what your spiritual practices are and to do something to just recognize the year we’ve been through."

Dr. Bemel is also telling her patients that before you sit down to have that Thanksgiving meal get outside and get some exercise. She says getting fresh air and getting your body moving is absolutely critical during this tough time, no matter what kind of Thanksgiving you're having.