Dead body discovered in garbage can in Minneapolis

Minneapolis police investigators were on the scene of a home in the Hawthrone neighborhood on Sunday, following reports that a dead body was discovered in a garbage can inside a garage.

No one was reportedly living in the home at the time of the discovery, which is located next door to Berean Missionary Baptist Church on the 700 block of 30th Avenue North.

Minneapolis police confirmed officers discovered a deceased adult male in the garbage can Sunday afternoon. 

The real estate agent representing the house told FOX 9 that the home is currently for sale, and that he had contacted police Saturday regarding an unknown car parked in the garage. The realtor said when he showed up to host an open house Sunday, the car was gone but a large unfamiliar item was left behind. He and the homeowner discovered the body when they went to move the item.

"I came out today to change the lock on the service door and we discovered there was a dead body in the garage," said the homeowner who only wanted to be identified as Bill.

The owner said he purchased the home recently as an investment, completing a large remodel before listing it. He says he is extremely shaken by the gruesome discovery. 

"It's just a horrible thing to have happen to anybody. To die and be put in a garbage can. It's unbelievable. It's hard to think about."

A police spokesperson said this remains an ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made.