Day of Remembrance kicks off events marking 4th anniversary of George Floyd's death

When George Floyd died at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Memorial Day in 2020, his death prompted protests and calls for change.

Now, four years later, his memory is still a cause for people to take action.

"We can never forget. We can never stop talking about George Floyd. We can never unsee what we saw in 2020," said Leslie E. Redmond, Executive Director of the nonprofit Win Back.

Win Back organized its first annual Day Of Remembrance for George Floyd Friday. 

It started with an interfaith prayer service at city hall and continued with a brunch featuring speakers like Attorney General Keith Ellison, former Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

"I like to say COVID-19 shut the world down and George Floyd opened it back up. We can never forget this happened in our own backyard," said Redmond.

Win Back also held a teen summit where young people from across the Midwest talked about where we were in 2020, where we are now and how we will move forward.

"It was a heavy day. George Floyd's nephew Brandon Williams flew in from Texas just for this, and he said it was a lot of grief, but he said he was very happy to see people still remembering and that they are still committed to change and transformation," said Redmond.

Organizers say this was a chance to reflect, heal and build. They will hold a day of remembrance every year in George Floyd's honor.