Dai Thao investigation lingers as candidate continues campaign

Councilmember Dai Thao kicked-off what he calls "Action Tuesday" to support organized trash collection across St. Paul.

While it's clear he's promoting his run for mayor, the appearance may have also served as an attempt to polish his image.

“The litter in this city doesn't really reflect who we are in this city,” he said.

As the council member and mayoral candidate picks up the streets of ward one, he also cleans up a likely mess of his own.

Back in April, Fox 9 investigators were the first to reveal that Thao's campaign manager was accused of soliciting a bribe from a lobbyist in exchange for a vote.

An hour and a half after investigators asked about the public corruption allegations, Thao fired his then-campaign manager Angela Marlow.

Ever since then, he has been under a BCA investigation.

“We have cooperated fully with the investigation, we know they've wrapped up the investigation, and they've sent it over to Scott County,” Thao said. “We respect the process, and we're going to wait to hear from what they have to say.”

During his most recent appearance since the allegations surfaced, Thao maintains his dealings are pristine and that his focus instead is on loading a vindicated run for mayor.

“I've done nothing wrong, and I know I will be exonerated,” he said.
Scott County will reveal the findings of their investigation once it's complete.

Thao, meanwhile, encouraged supporters to attend tomorrow's public hearing, as the city council begins contract negotiations with licensed trash haulers.