Crystal police: Dad of missing 4th grader Barway Collins spotted near river

Pierre Collins was in the area of the Mississippi River near Interstate 694 shortly after the disappearance of his 10-year-old son, Barway Collins, Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering said Thursday afternoon. Police have identified Pierre Collins as a suspect in the fourth grader's disappearance. TAP TO VIEW PHOTOS

"Because Pierre Collins continues to not be truthful with our investigators, we must rely on other evidence," Chief Revering said.

In a national interview, Collins spoke with Nancy Grace on Thursday night and responded to a question about the lie detector test that led police to believe he wasn't telling the truth.

"It was the second day, when my son went missing, so I was very emotional and I wasn't myself when I did that polygraph," he told her.

Hennepin County deputies searched the Mississippi River and wooded areas near the river for several hours on Wednesday. Chief Revering said those searches will continue. Below is a map of the concentrated search area:

Police are looking at public transit video and park surveillance videos, but say "any video in that area would be helpful," including private dash cam video or business surveillance video. Police are specifically focusing on the Mississippi River between Interstate 694 and Camden Avenue.

"We're hopeful, we're very hopeful that he's still alive," Chief Revering said.

Barway, photo taken 10 days before disappearance
via Jacob Wetterling Resource Center