Court docs detail strange 2018 encounter between Buffalo shooter and sheriff

Court documents show additional encounters between law enforcement and the alleged suspect in the Allina Clinic shooting in Buffalo.

Greg Ulrich is accused of killing a medical assistant and injuring four others in the attack.

FOX 9 has obtained new reports from the Wright County Sheriff detailing several DWI arrests from 15 years ago, including one that led to a brief psychiatric hold.

One document, however, outlines a strange encounter at a grocery store that sheds more light on the man’s mental state. The incident was at a Buffalo Cub Foods store in November 2018. It was the same day Ulrich was released from jail for violating a harassment restraining order.

Wright County Sheriff Joe Haggerty said he was sitting in a booth in the deli section when he recognized Ulrich approach him on a motorized cart. He recognized the man from a photo he forwarded to Allina security days earlier.

"The elderly male asked if I was the Sheriff, then shook my hand and said, ‘You guys are alright, but the Buffalo Police are not,'" the sheriff said in the report.

Ten minutes later, still inside the Cub Foods, Ulrich approached the Sheriff and a lieutenant, this time on foot.  He started to tell the Sheriff about being in the federal protection program and working with the former attorney general to take down a crime network. He said he was just released from jail where he claimed he was threatened by cellmates.

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As he was leaving, he said his name was "Calypso."

Throughout Buffalo, a lot of questions linger, including why a man with documented mental health issues got a gun.

Allina’s two-year restraining order against him had expired in December, but his history is why many in the community wonder what more could have, or should have, been done.

Ulrich is next due in court Mar. 22 in Wright County.