Cooper Compliments spreads positivity in high school

Your mom may have said a time or two, “If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.” It's a good message, and one that local teens are taking to social media. 

A lot of ugly words live on social media, they are contagious and they multiply. So a senior at Robbinsdale Cooper High School thought kids there deserved something better than what social media was giving.

“Cooper Compliments” was born on twitter in September -- and this is where you'll hear nice things about students such as "I love Melanie W's laugh" and “Andy is too funny!”

The student managing the positive twitter account wants to remain anonymous, so Fox 9 communicated via direct message to keep their secret. He or she says they would often hear students compliment another but would be too afraid to maybe approach that person.

The Twitter page is similar to one at Osseo that started a few years back to combat bullying. You'll find compliments and retweets about good things happening at school. Now, "Osseo Nice Things" has 4,570 followers.

The idea is clearly catching on. Like “Cooper Compliments” said in September of 2015 when their site was launched, “let's start this new year off right. DM if you have anything nice to say."